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Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps have been a symbol of great British culture since the organisation was founded in the 1940s. These days, the Walkers Crisps range includes classic flavours like ready salted, cheese & onion, as well as more unusual varieties such as Marmite flavoured crisps; there really is something for everyone amongst their extensive selection.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch are a British baked corn snack created by Smiths and manufactured by Walkers. They are widely consumed in the United Kingdom. Flavours include Roast Beef, Pickled Onion and Flamin' Hot.

Walkers Wotsits

Wotsits is a British brand of cheesy flavoured corn puffs sold first by Golden Wonder and now by Walkers Crisps. The most common form is the "Really Cheesy" flavour of corn puffs
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